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"Harvard gave me an education, but Junior Chamber gave me an education for life" - JFK

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  • Leadership Training

    Whether it’s Public Speaking, Debating, Business or Leadership courses, invest in your personal development and build your career through regular training and workshops.

  • Ten Outstanding Young Persons

    Highlighting the accomplishments of these young active citizens in a variety of fields inspires us to be better and realize our full potential as active citizens.

  • Friendly Business Awards

    These awards were set up to recognise businesses that excel in serving the needs of the local community and play a vital role in its development.

  • RISE

    JCI has launched a new initiative to sustain and rebuild economies and strengthen workforce morale as we face the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic together.

  • Individual

    When you join JCI, you enjoy countless opportunities to learn and work with other like-minded and proactive people. Gain experience with projects & training programmes.

  • Business

    JCI is a global organisation that you can connect with new business contacts, open doors to small & large corporates and we are here to help each other to succeed.

  • Community

    Make an impact in your local community by running projects that tackle issues head on and help create positive change. At JCI we voluntarily run inspiring events and initiatives.

  • Leadership

    JCI opens up a whole new network of like-minded young professionals and building the future leaders of tomorrow with new skills, experiences & life-time friendships.

  • International

    Join our global movement of active citizens and help seek solutions to the greatest challenges of our time. You have the power to change the world—so what are you waiting for?

  • Join JCI Dublin

    Becoming a member can help you grow as a person, meet new people, impact your community and experience more. When you join you will instantly gain access to a wide range of personal benefits, events, training opportunities and new experiences.

Pearl Olesitse
President, JCI Dublin

Welcome to JCI


When I joined JCI Dublin in 2019, I did not expect that one day I might have the opportunity to lead. I would therefore like to thank all of you for your trust in myself and the 2021 Board of Directors. Though we are passing through difficult times and challenges, together as young people, we can make a positive change. 

Stepping forward to lead during these uncertain times, show the commitment, dedication, and motivation we have to uphold the JCI Mission, Vision and Values. My aim is to see JCI Rise above this era, by engaging, retaining, and empowering active JCI Members who are looking to develop and create a positive impact. COVID-19 has brought challenges that require transformation on how we have been doing things. At JCI Dublin, we run events and projects that are fun, engaging, and relevant to the current situation. Most of all, we aim to further our mission: to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.

We shall overcome and look forward to RISE and ONEFUTURE!  Happy 2021! 

Developing Leaders For A Changing World 

In JCI, we grow Leaders, the current and the future innovators and architects of our future: people who excel in politics and business, in culture and science, people who are movers and shakers in our society.

Laura Enache, JCI Ireland President 2018

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