Work-Life Balance: Managing your time better

24 Oct 2018
Admin Manager By Admin Manager

A fantastic evening yesterday on the topic of Work-Life Balance with our guest speaker The Time Coach. Some great tips and advice on things like "if your life is not adding up, subtract stuff". Thanks to WeWork for the space and stay tuned for a busy November. #BeBetter #Dublin.

Guest Speaker: Ian Byrne The Time Coach

People who are able to manage their time more efficiently are able to achieve higher standards of fulfilment, success and productivity across all areas of their life. People who manage their time poorly struggle to achieve balance and happiness.

During this short seminar, you will gain insight into:

  • Prioritising your time based on your life’s demands
  • Effective and informed decision making
  • Strategies to achieve more with less time. 
  • Being productive as opposed to being busy.
  • Setting boundaries with your time.
  • How to achieve work life balance.