Pearl Letlotlo Olesitse - My TOYP Experience

14 Apr 2019
Admin Manager By Admin Manager

As young people, it is a great deal to be able to see the outstanding young people being recognised for their accomplishments in a variety of fields of their specialities as Humanitarian or Entrepreneurial. 

Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP), its mandate is to search for the outstanding active young leaders who are making a positive difference and inspiring others all over Ireland. TOYP event which was held on the 26th March 2019 was organised by JCI in partnership with AIB Bank. 

It was a pleasure and great experience to be part of the committee that organised this spectacular event. Initially I had no idea what TOYP was, but after being part of the committee, the first thing that fascinated me was the fact that there is an organisation that does recognise the presence of these heroes. The project was organized by JCI Director of Community, Maura Roberta who was an amazing team lead. There was a lot of hardwork involved and the team collaborated very well to make the event a success. It clearly shows how team work yields fruitful results. It was a well organised event! 

Congratulations to the nominees and winners that made the day inspiring and also partner AIB Bank and all JCI members. 

I am looking forward to many more TOYP events and the upcoming TOYPs.

Pearl Letlotlo Olesitse

JCI Dublin Member & JCI Dublin Communication Committee Team Member 

Ten Outstanding Young Persons Organization Team 2019