My JCI Journey, Experience & JCI Ireland National Convention 2019

09 Nov 2019
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''But this dream led to bigger achievements than I have ever imagined. I was asked to MC at the convention Gala Dinner and in addition to that, I received an award.''

Blog Post by Pearl Letlotlo Olesitse
JCI Dublin Member 2019 & JCI Dublin Vice President 2020


My trip to the JCI Ireland National Convention 2019 began when I hopped on the train on a Friday 11th October 2019 to a wonderful weekend in Westport Co. Mayo. But that’s not when My Journey began. 

My Journey began when I started make my Dream Book. My best friend, filled it more with my desires, my objectives and my dreams in search for my purpose in life. By doing this, I got to know myself more and understand my passions. I learnt this technique from the book, “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin Sharma and it has enabled me to recognise my strengths, weaknesses and hopes. 

#DreamBelieveAchieve #AcceptTheChallenge

2019 JCI Ireland National Convention truly confirmed that words are the embodiment of power. I dreamt of attending such an event after hearing so much about it from JCI Members. But this dream led to bigger achievements than I ever imagined. I was asked to MC at the convention Gala Dinner and in addition to that, I received an award. First time for everything! 

JCI Friendly Business Awards 2019

It was a lovely welcome at the Castlecourt Hotel when I arrived on Friday 11th October 2019.The evening started with the Friendly Business Awards (FBA) held in the Yard Bar, where we had the opportunity to celebrate Ireland’s Friendliest Businesses for 2019. This event was filled with great inspiration, socialising and networking. Congratulations to all our winners and the amazing work done by JCI Ireland to recognise their hard work. 

This day was one of those days filled with various inspiring events. I had the pleasure to attend a very interesting informative training on How to Plan and Fund the Perfect Project, facilitated by the JCI UK President, Mark Smith. This training started at 1000-1230hrs. It was a wonderful opportunity, I learnt a lot, which I will then apply moving forward to the JCI Active Citizenship Framework Projects to create a positive impact in the community. Mark conducted this event with great enthusiasm which really energised us for the busy day ahead. 

The Saturday got more and more inspiring. Mixed emotions, laughter from the talented Tripartite Debate Championships (JCI Ireland, JCI Scotland, JCI UK), a few tear drops, motivation from the powerful Jedx speakers. Moments like this make you realise that there is time to laugh and time to cry. In every tough situation, great leaders emerge, and no circumstance should define anybody’s destiny. Absolutely amazing speakers indeed and among them, The JCI Dublin President, Patrycja Jurkowska. 

Early this year, when I decided to become an active citizen in order to positively impact my community and join a group of likeminded people with similar goals, I was introduced to Patrycja. Within the first few minutes of our meeting, I knew I had found the answers that I was looking for. Patrycja is a great leader and gives me great inspiration. The positivity that the speakers radiated gave me the energy to believe in myself and it silenced the anxiety I had about being the MC at the Gala Dinner that evening. Well done to you all for positively touching our lives. 

The Tripartite Debate Championships was really entertaining, that was a lovely experience for me. Thank you all who took part in filling our afternoon with great laughter. Gala Dinner and Award Evening (The Dome Ballroom, Castlecourt Hotel) This was the moment of truth for me. I remember walking in that Ballroom, it was all done up looking so on point and I said to myself “Pearl you can do this”. When I was presented with the opportunity to MC this event, I Accepted the Challenge without hesitation. As JCI Members, we Accept Challenges, Believe and Achieve. 


This was such a spectacular event; the room was filled with delegates all dressed up and looking glamorous. The Deputy President and Director of Business for JCI Fingal, James Doyle, my co-MC called them in, and we began. There were a lot of activities on that night - Speeches, awards, music, dancing, networking and lots of opportunities to enjoy the rewards of our hard work. The awards ranged from the 7 Steps Award, Best Local Social Event, Most Outstanding Senator, Best Local Community Empowerment Program, Best Local Economic Development Program, Best Local Personal Skill Development Program, Most Outstanding NEC Member, Most Outstanding New Member, Most Outstanding Member, Most Outstanding Local President and Most Outstanding Local Organisation. 

Congratulations to all winners, especially to my branch, JCI Dublin, for being awarded the Most Outstanding Local Organisation. I was thrilled with myself for the successful completion of the JCI Ireland Seven Steps Award for New Members. 

Lastly, I would like to thank the President of JCI Ireland, Keira Keogh, for her amazing leadership; JCI Mayo for hosting this event; the organising team and all the parties involved that contributed to the success of the 2019 Ireland National Convention, Westport, Co. Mayo.