Finance Director 2019 Ronan Maguire - My Experience of JCI

07 Apr 2019
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I am an Architect in Dublin, working on commercial and residential projects and Conservation. I joined JCI Dublin in 2016. Business was my main area of interest from the four areas, in relation to my own profession and the wider area of business in general. I have enjoyed being involved in JCI and I found the training and projects interesting and rewarding. JCI has exceeded my expectations and one of the unique aspects of JCI which impressed me is the amount of young professionals from so many different professions who get involved. 

Among the many other great aspects of JCI are the strength of teamwork and commitment of members at every level, networking, the wide range of training and presentations, and also the opportunities for members to become involved in projects in all four areas, including outside one’s own area of experience. Members have brought their skills and expertise on board at different levels, from project sub-committees to the provision of training and presentations, which is invaluable, as is the willingness of members to help with projects from TOYP to the Friendly Business Awards. Members have given presentations on social media, finance, marketing and networking, each of which has been interesting, useful and well-informed. 

Over the last three years, I have been involved in several projects, including the Friendly Business Awards (FBAs) in 2017 and 2018. Having admired the ability, determination and commitment of local businesses, I had a strong interest in these awards. The work was very rewarding when I heard about the background of each business, the public having a chance to recognise good service, and the businesses appreciation of the awards. 

Members skills have been very beneficial for JCI projects. Members from many different professions have taken part in each project, which in turn has contributed to the successful running of projects because of the level of expertise on board, the enthusiasm of everyone to learn from other members and their commitment to the project. 

In addition to JCI, I am involved in architectural organisations. I am a Board Member of INTBAU Ireland (International Network of Traditional Building Architecture Urbanism) since 2008 and a Committee member of SPAB Ireland (Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings) since 2017. I have found it mutually beneficial to be a member of both JCI and architectural organisations. Many other JCI members are also members of organisations from their own professions, including Law and Accountancy. Skills learned from JCI training events and workshops have been invaluable for my daily professional work and for my work in the other professional organisations. Public speaking skills learned from a JCI training event have helped significantly with presentations. 

I look forward to working on the JCI Dublin Council as Finance Director for 2019, a year which will include many interesting projects as well as starting preparation for the JCI European Conference next year, EC2020, which I also look forward to and hope to get involved in both the event and its preparation. 

JCI Dublin Finance Director 2019

Ronan Maguire