What a memorable Saturday! It was in the Grand Hotel Malahide, with the presence of JCI members from different Irish branches and under the leadership of the 2008 JCI World President Graham Hanlon, that I had one of the greatest trainings of my life.

Techniques and valuable tips were given on the subject that frightens so many people, the Debating and Public Speaking. Some people are born with the gift of the speech, others build it along their life and career. In the political environment we can find examples of speeches that will be forever remembered and even used, as the one made by Abraham Lincoln during the first civil war.

It is important though, to bear in mind that a good debater can be a good public speaker but the opposite isn’t necessarily right. That’s because the public speaking is one of the skills you need to be a good debater and on the first case, you don’t need to speak for or against a subject, you can speak on it. But be careful! There are things, such as sarcasm, irony and humor that are very welcome in a debating, but must be moderated used or even avoided in a public speech.

The only tip that I already knew before the training was importance of practicing and that’s what I did before challenging myself on the Public Speaking Competition that happened after the training. The time was my enemy at that day, but I felt very proud of myself for being able to do what I had prepared myself for.

I must congratulate our JCI Dublin member and Public Speaking winner Christophe Lascor, from whom I have so much to learn and the JCI Dublin members that brought the trophy of the Debating Competition to our branch!