Joining JCI Dublin is an opportunity for you and an investment in your future. This is a chance to meet our dynamic and engaged network of young leaders who will inspire you and help you discover the best version of yourself. Consider here the main reasons why to join JCI Dublin:

Why join?

    • You want to expand your network
    • You want to develop and grow your skills
    • You want to get new business insights
    • You want to travel to JCI’s international conferences
    • You want to meet inspiring new people
    • You want to be a better trainer and speaker
    • You want to discover your best YOU and live-out your personal and professional goals


Above all, this is an organization built to support young people like you. Come discover what we do and be a part of our Dublin team today!

Membership is valid for 12 months from the registration date and gives you:

  • free access to the monthly workshops
  • possibility to run your own project or be part of a project based on your interests
  • access to all resources available on the platform




Full Membership – €150

Reduced/Renewal – €120

Corporate – €120

Student- €120


The membership process consists in 2 steps:

  • Filling the application form above: ‘Apply for membership here” box
  • After we evaluate your application form(please allow 5 working days), you will receive the  details to register as a JCI Member


Any questions about membership please email

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