Aidan Geraghty shares his experience managing JCI Dublin’s “Start Up of You” weekend.

On the 22nd and 23rd of August we hosted our first ever Startup of You held in the colourful Google HQ, and as one of the worlds most successful companies, it was only a fitting place for participants to be in. There were 30 participants; some JCI members and some non members.

I’ve joined the Junior Chamber in February this year but I’m still fascinated with the calibre of contributors, namely company owners, that we are lucky to have on board as guests. They were crucial to the success of the event. Inspiring the participants began at 9AM Saturday morning and rolled into the afternoon where we then had the opportunity to project our gathered thoughts onto the whiteboards and the minds of our fellow team members. Great ideas were collated and presented to the judges on Sunday morning and presentations were made.

It was my first event to organise and everything from having conversations with the contributors beforehand to organise time slots for speaking, to the arrangement of the chairs, was a pleasure to be the project lead for.  In fairness there was a team of us who worked hard and the great thing about JCI is the team spirit and the knowledge that we are all in this together to add value to fellow members and non members. The requests of individuals to join JCI after the event is proof in itself of not just that the event was an excellent success, but that I also felt that I delivered value to JCI as a member.

The Startup of You has presented the opportunity for individual minds to come together to offer stories of their experience, ideas for strength, and inspiration for success. As an individual I’ve certainly added value to myself and I’m delighted to have been part of a team that has added value to others.