When the weekend is almost there, let’s remember JCI Dublin social drinks – Brazilian night we had on the 8th of June. While waiting summer to come to Ireland, JCI brought some sunny vibes to Dublin straight from Brazil.

Capoeira, Forró, Caipirinhas, Pastéis, all describe a fantastic evening with Brazilian culture.

Thanks to our brazilian members we could have a great performance by real Capoeira professionals – The Capoeira Group. One of its members Francisco De Assis Abreu Souto, tells his Capoeira story here. Traditionally Capoeira can be descibed as a mix of dance and martial arts and it is known by quick and complex moves, using mainly power, speed, and leverage for leg sweeps. As you can see from the picture all evening attendees had challenging lessons on the floor. Created in the 16th century in Brazil mainly by descendants of African slaves with Brazilian native influences, nowadays Capoeira became one of the fastest growing cultural art forms in the world, including its fast growth in Ireland, and especially, in Dublin.

In the picture: Capoeira in action

After breaking Jaycees’ bones with Capoeira, another dance from Brazil, Forró was quite relaxing. Forró music involves three instruments (accordion, zabumba and a metal triangle), and as they say “It’s less competitive than salsa and less pedantic than tango…”. Originated in Brazil’s north-eastern states, nowadays Forró combines many styles of dancing, which varies from region to region. Historically “going to the Forró” means simply ”going to party” or ”going out’ and nowadays Forró becomes very much European dance with its fast growth in the continent.

With great memories in mind JCI Dublin would like to thank everybody who took part organizing the evening, especially The Capoeira Group for great Capoeira lessons, and all guests and members making a great atmosphere during the evening.

In JCI Dublin we are open for initiatives like this and we look forward to know about your culture. If you have a project in mind, come to join us!

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In the picture: JCI Dublin members with Capoeira professionals from The Capoeira Group