Individual Development Area

The aim of the Individual Development area is to promote personal and professional growth via relevant experience. This includes trainings with leading expertsnetworking opportunities and hands-on learning providing tangible skills.

Members may be mentored with our official Leading for Growth mentoring plan, but are actively encouraged to get involved and lead projects or teach others so as to fully develop their skill set.


Training Plan:

    • Training and events at National and International level.
    • Public speaking competitions.
    • Debating competitions.
    • Public speaking competitions.
    • Personal development (communication skills, time-management and work-life balance).
    • Opportunities to set goals and fulfil potential.
    • Training and events at National and International level.
    • Seminars and workshops (leadership skills, business presentation skills, business networking skills, interviewing, delegating, team-building, negotiation).

If you have an idea for a training activity, a particular trainer that you think would be interesting, please feel free to get in touch at

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