I’ve never been to a debating class before nor had I any great experience in public speaking…but inspired by movies such as “The great debaters” and “The king’s speech” I wanted to become a better and more persuasive speaker. And what could be a better starting point than taking the chance and participating in the debating workshop offered by JCI Dublin and hosted by Julien Gay-de-Montella?!

The two-hour workshop was one of the wisest things I did since a couple of months. Not only did I learn about the theory and techniques of debating, but I also got to try it out myself! As you know – the most effective learning is accomplished by actually doing it yourself.

And to make it even more fun, we were divided into teams and were given a topic to debate about – it was a very heated debating competition with a winner in the end. After two hours of intensive learning and excitement we went to a near-by pub to have fun and network.

To sum up, I would encourage everyone to participate in this high-quality debating workshop offered by JCI Dublin. The course provided me with valuable knowledge about debating and made me step out of my comfort zone. It also helped me to become a more persuasive and confident speaker. It doesn’t matter whether you are an absolute beginner or already experienced – everyone will get something out of it. Just try it out yourself…;)!